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Werkzeug-Set für LWL-Termination HT-F3033
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Werkzeug-Set für LWL-Termination HT-F3033

FS P/N: HT-F3033
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Tool Kit for Fiber Optic Termination HT-F3033
This complete tool kit with accessories for fiber optic termination using epoxy method, makes it possible to terminate indoor or unarmoured outdoor fiber optic cables using all the above tools and accessories.
The undercut part of the jacket is stripped using the cutter and stripper. The fiber is terminated using fiber optic connector for the multiple connection and disconnection. The carbide scribe cuts the fiber along the edge of the epoxy grain at the ferrule, then polishing is performed.
1. Carbide Scribe * 1pc
2. Syringe * 2pcs
3. HT-223H Stripper * 1pc
4. A/B Fast Epoxy Glue * 1 pair
5. Cleanser * 1pc
6. ST Polish Disc * 1pc
7. SC Polish Disc * 1pc
8. Wipe Paper * 3pcs
9. Kevlar Cutter * 1pc
10. Glasses Working Pad * 1pc
11. HT-225H Crimp Tool * 1pc
12. (6μm -Brown Color) Diamond Polish Film * 1pc
13. (1μm-Purple Color) Diamond Polish Film * 1pc
14. (0.05μm -White Color) Alum. Oxide Polish Film * 1pc
15. Rubber Working Pad * 1pcs

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