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Fluke Networks EtherScope II Netzwerk Assistant ES2-PRO-SXILRATACK**
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Fluke Networks EtherScope II Netzwerk Assistant ES2-PRO-SXILRATACK**

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First responders to network emergencies rely on the EtherScope Series II Network Assistant to solve problems fast - a handheld portable network troubleshooter for 10, 100 and Gigabit copper, fiber and wireless LANs. It combines essential tools that help frontline network professionals quickly solve the wide range of problems they encounter.

LAN and Wi-Fi network installers rely on the EtherScope analyzer to complete projects on-time and within budget. Whether it is testing and troubleshooting during the installation or upgrade, or validating LAN operation by verifying network services and measuring Ethernet performance after the install, the EtherScope installation assistant is up to the task.

Gigabit and Wireless LAN troubleshooting 10/100/Gig twisted pair and 10/100 fiber optic LAN analysis Gigabit fiber SFP LAN interface 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN analysis, with draft 802.11n AP discovery Monitor network traffic and switch interfaces Discover wired and wireless infrastructure devices and configurations Validate LAN services availability and responsiveness Measure Ethernet performance with RFC 2544 and advanced tests
Features in Detail
Discovery of draft-802.11n access points aids in rogue device detection, location, and WLAN policy enforcement. WMM and CCX support enables linking to access points running Wi-Fi Multimedia and Cisco Compatible Extensions. SNMPv3 support enables discovery of devices, networks, VLANs and switch statistics in secure SNMPv3 environments. New RFC 2544 and advanced Ethernet performance tests, with pass/fail limits, facilitate comprehensive LAN/WAN link assessment when turning up Ethernet services, verifying SLAs, validating LANs, and troubleshooting networks. Support for multiple remote devices allows users to choose between comprehensive results, lower costs and ease of use when measuring end-to-end Ethernet performance. New Service Performance Tool verifies and documents availability and responsiveness of key network services; combine with Ethernet performance tests results to validate LANs. Identification of industrial Ethernet (IE) devices by protocol assists with IE troubleshooting. Monitor 802.1p priority information to verify and troubleshoot layer 2 quality of service (QoS) settings. New xDP Port Reporter utilizes CDP and LLDP to discover switch names, ports, and VLAN IDs. Enhanced Ethernet traffic generator can transmit runt and jumbo frames, FCS errors and user-defined TTL traffic for observation of network behavior. Customizable front page allows users to define the active tests displayed for a more streamlined user interface. Features above included with new EtherScope products, or purchase the ES-SWUGD-V4 upgrade for your current EtherScope product.
Family Comparison:
Model LAN analyzer Fiber optic interface  ITO/RFC 2544 LinkRunner Duo Reflector LinkRunner Pro Reflector LinkRunner AT 2000 AirCheck WI-FI Tester Extended accessories
Models & Accessories
Model Number/Name Accessory details
ES2-LAN LAN analyzer: Series II mainframe, protective boot, carrying strap, rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, AC adapter/battery charger, 2GB CompactFlash card, remote wiremap adapter (ID #1), patch cable, RJ-45 adapter, Getting Started Guide, resource CD, carrying case.
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