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Fluke NetTool Inline Netzwerk Service Set NT-PRO
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Fluke NetTool Inline Netzwerk Service Set NT-PRO

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Troubleshooting network connectivity problems can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Without the right tool, network techs can spend hours of unnecessary time with trial and error guesswork trying to isolate the problem.

Fluke Networks has put an end to the guessing game with the NetTool Series II Inline Network Tester. NetTool combines powerful NetProve diagnostics, inline Gigabit vision, VoIP Phone PC configuration testing in one palm-sized tool, so you'll have everything you need to quickly resolve even the toughest connectivity problem. Plus, with the monitoring and authentication option, you'll have the power to identify port-based security threats and maintain user connectivity in 802.1x environments.

Monitoring and Authentication NetProve Diagnostics Inline Functionality VoIP Test and Troubleshoot PoE Measurements IntelliTone Digital Signaling Reports Ease of UseScreen Shots
Features in Detail
NetProve diagnostics - isolate device and application connectivity issues in seconds Inline Gigabit vision - quickly troubleshoot network problems with powerful inline vision into 10/100/Gig traffic between switches, PCs, IP phones and other devices Monitoring and authentication - identify spyware, malware, and viruses with port monitoring; troubleshoot authentication issues with 802.1x log VoIP troubleshooting - connect inline for visibility into VoIP calls to quickly diagnose IP phone boot-up and call control problems and to measure key call quality metrics PoE Measurements - verify readiness of PoE systems and troubleshoot PoE device problems Spot available network resources - See MAC and IP addresses, subnet and services offered by active servers, routers and printers IntelliTone digital signaling - quickly and safely locate cables on active network
Family Features Comparison:
Features Series II Kit Series II Pro VoIP Series II Pro 10/100 Pro VoIP 10/100 Pro
1000Mbps Ethernet interface Yes Yes Yes    
Inline device and traffic analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
NetProve device and application connectivity diagnostics Yes Yes Yes    
Port monitoring and authentication Yes Option Option    
VoIP testing, monitoring and troubleshooting Yes Yes Option Yes Option
Inline PoE voltage measurement and pair identification Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
IntelliTone digital toning Yes Yes Yes    
Device and network reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PC interface for data transfer USB USB USB Serial Serial
Internal NimH battery charging Yes Option Option    
IntelliTone 200 Probe + Wireview cable IDs #2-6 Yes Option Option    
Models & Accessories
Model Number/Name Accessory details
NT-PRO NetTool Pro includes 10/100/1000Mbps inline, NetTool Blaster PC software, NetTool Cable Identifier, set of 4 AA alkaline batteries, serial cable, Ethernet cable, Getting Started Guide, CD with Multilanguage User Manuals, and soft carrying case
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