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Max. 288 Faser Spleißgerät 304SS LWL-Querverbindung Kabinett für Außen & Innen
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Max. 288 Faser Spleißgerät 304SS LWL-Querverbindung Kabinett für Außen & Innen

FS P/N: FS-S266-288-1
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€ 770.00
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This Fiber Distribution Box has an IP 65 rating so it can be used both outdoors as well as indoor scenarios.
The Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Distribution Box is typically used in buildings to splice incoming Outside Plant (OSP) fiber optical cables into customer premises cables. In certain situations, it is necessary to mount this box on the exterior of a building or a telecommunication pole. The Fiber Distribution Box needs to beeasily accessible and manageable in size. The dimension could be customized by client.
If necessary, the box can be locked to keep the splices secure.
This floor-standing fiber distribution box is used in buildings to splice incoming outside plant cables to outgoing customer premises cables
Stainless double-layer steel 304 cabinet OR SMC optional Available with Lock & Keys Capacity: 96 / 144 / 288 cores Anti-corrosion and crack-resistant The body molded into smooth rounded corners and edges with electrostatic spraying surface The double-layer body construction filled with heat-isolative material inside can effectively prevent condensation inside the cabinets,high intensity and anti-erosion
The water-proof door with a 3-point locking mechanism protects the cabinet from dust and moisture and unauthorized entry 12-core integrated distribution and spliced module suitable for FC and SC adapter installations Optimal arrangement for optical cables and optical fibers with fiber storage units Reliable cable fixing and grounding devices
Outside dimensions: 1450*750*320 mm (L x W x D) Net Weight: 100KG
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