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Max. 144 Faser Spleißgerät SMC LWL-Querverbindung Bodenmontage-Kabinett
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Max. 144 Faser Spleißgerät SMC LWL-Querverbindung Bodenmontage-Kabinett

FS P/N: FS-266-144-2
€ 380.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 280.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Fri. Oct. 28
Es kann eine gewisse Differenz zwischen der geschätzten Zeit und der aktuellen Zeit.
This Fiber Distribution Box has an IP 65 rating so it can be used both outdoors as well as indoor scenarios.
This kind of Fiber Distribution Box belongs to ourdoor using, and especially designed for outdoor optical nodes in access network. In certain situations, it is necessary to mount this box on the exterior of a building or a telecommunication pole. The Fiber Distribution Box needs to beeasily accessible and manageable in size. The dimension could be customized by client.
If necessary, the box can be locked to keep the splices secure.
This floor-standing fiber distribution box is used in buildings to splice incoming outside plant cables to outgoing customer premises cables
Robust modular construction Available with Lock & Keys Maximum 12 splice trays ( 144 fibers) Protection class IP65, imported cabinet body with high intensity and anti-erosion performance. It is able to counter abrupt climate change and influences of extreme environment. The hinged cover can be locked open up to 120º Adapter panel slants on the operation facia which will prevent it from being scotched by light as well  ensuring the curve radius of the optic fiber Built-in direct splice unit is capable for providing direct connection function Keeps the cables and connections safe and secure from unauthorized tampering Multiple installation options,including floor and wall installations With secure and reliable fastening and grounding protection devices for the optic fiber Applicable to strap-shaped and non-strap shaped fibers Leaves room for excess cable storage
Box is made of SMC material Color: Body Grey Work Temperature: -45-+85°C Relative humidity:≤85%(+30°C) Atmospheric pressure: 70~106 KPa Returnloss:≥45dB (PC),55dB(UPC),60dB(APC) Isolation resistance(between frame and protection grounding):>1000 MOHM /500V(DC)
Outside dimensions: 1035*550*310 mm (L x W x D)
Weight: 40KG
Sample Pictures
This price is not including the Splice Tray
Option 1
Equipped Qty (PCS) ID# Description
12 21260 12 Fibers LC/UPC Single-Mode Bunch Fiber Optic Pigtail
72 17579 LC/UPC to LC/UPC Duplex Single-mode SC Type with Flange Plastic Fiber Optic Adapter
Option 2
Equipped Qty (PCS) ID# Description
1221259 12 Fibers SC/UPC Single-Mode Bunch Fiber Optic Pigtail
144 48488 SC/UPC to SC/UPC Simplex Single-mode Plastic Fiber Optic Adapter , 0.2dB IL
Option 3
Equipped Qty (PCS) ID# Description
12 21256 12 Fibers ST/UPC Single-Mode Bunch Fiber Optic Pigtail
144 48499 ST/UPC to ST/UPC Simplex Single-mode Metal Fiber Optic Adapter , 0.2dB IL
Option 4
Equipped Qty (PCS) ID# Description
1221257 12 Fibers FC/UPC Single-Mode Bunch Fiber Optic Pigtail
144 48510 FC/UPC to FC/UPC Simplex Square Solid Type One piece Metal Fiber Optic Adapter
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