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FS-1AS 2M Transmission-Analysator
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FS-1AS 2M Transmission-Analysator

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€ 510.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Thu. Oct. 27
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LCD large-screen display, 320*240 lattice, backlight, LED indicator
Hand held, auto configuration
Multi-task operation at one time
Store 20 test results and 9 test configurations, with power-off memories
PC operation, store, analysis, print
Programmable timer
Alarm and histogram analysis
Software updating


Service-interrupted error testing
Online error testing
Framed and unframed signals generation and reception
2Mbit/s unframed error performance testing
2Mbit/s framed N×64kbit/s channel error testing
Bit error, coding error, frame error, CRC error and E bit error testing
Signal loss alarm, AIS alarm, framed remote alarm, multi-framed remote alarm, out-of-frame, and pattern loss alarm
Frequency offset testing
Voice channel signal level and frequency testing
Pattern slip testing
Straightforward signaling
Audio frequency testing
Sound monitoring
Signal state display. Voice channel content display. Voice channel busy indication
Alarm and error histogram analysis
Time slot content analysis, drop and insert signal on each time slot
Framed content analysis
G. 821/G. 826/M. 2100 error analysis
Multi error and alarm inserting
Three input modes (terminating, bridging and monitoring)
Two clock options (internal and picking-up)
Standard Package
FS-1AS Transmission Analyzer 1set
User’s manual 1pc
Software disc 1pc
75Ω Coaxial testing line 1pc
BNC-L9 Testing line or 120Ω testing line CESHIYI 2pc
RS232 serial line 1pc
Power adapter 1pc
Handy-case 1pc


The 2M Error rate tester is designed for 2M bit error rate test, applicable to telecommunication access networks, transmission networks and the start-up, check and maintenance of optical communications systems. If you are interested in this FS-1AS 2M Transmission Analyzer, welcome to contact us, we also provide one year warranty for it.

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