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Brandneu Nanjing DVP-101 Faser Koppler
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Brandneu Nanjing DVP-101 Faser Koppler

FS P/N: DVP-101
160,00 €  Preis: 200,00 €  (inkl. 19 % MwSt. | zzgl. Versandkosten )
Verfügbarkeit: erhältlich,  versandfertig am So. 22. Oktober
DVP-101 is a high precision fiber coupler with two press-plates which is used for coupling of two cables in the process of construction and testing of fiber optical cables. DVP-101 fiber coupler is using precise V-groove to achieve an accurate and straight connection of two optical fibers.
The loss is less than 0.5 dB (same single mode fiber).
It is with two pressing boards, making operation simple and convenient.
It can be applied into all kinds of optical fiber, and its property index is of the similar level with the kind of product in foreign country.
Dimensions: 80*50*20mm3.
Weight: 280g.

This V-slot fiber aligner is used to make a temporary fiber link that facilitates OTDR and Optical Power Meter measurement, which has a light source and power meter-based loss measurement and bare fiber reel testing for confirming transmission capability. Welcome to contact us if you have any questions of this Brand New Nanjing DVP-101 Fiber Coupler, we will provide you the best service.


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