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EXFO FTB-200 OTDR 1310/1550nm, 37/39dB
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EXFO FTB-200 OTDR 1310/1550nm, 37/39dB

FS P/N: FTB-200-7300E-023B
€ 85.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 7,300.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Fri. Mar. 31
Es kann eine gewisse Differenz zwischen der geschätzten Zeit und der aktuellen Zeit.
The FTB-200 delivers the processing power of a high-end platform for a variety of advanced applications—all in a conveniently sized go-anywhere field-testing tool.
Key Features
Connects anywhere: USB, 3G, Wi-Fi, VPN and Bluetooth
Loaded with utilities: All the tools required to maximize field testing, plus third-party applications
Like a PC: Intel processor with Windows Embedded Standard operating system
EXFO Connect-compatible: Automated asset management; data goes through the cloud and into a dynamic database
GPS capabilities: Accurate coordinates under the same conditions as a regular satellite GPS receiver
OTDR FTB-7xxx (D-E Series)
MultiTest Module FTB-3930
Optical Spectrum Analyzers FTB-5240S
Single-Ended Dispersion Analyzer FTB-5700
Ordering Information
FTB-200-7200D-023B EXFO FTB-200 OTDR 1310/1550nm, 35/33dB
FTB-200-7300E-023B EXFO FTB-200 OTDR 1310/1550nm, 37/39dB
We also can provide the EXFO FTB-500 Network testing platform, EXFO FTB-200v2 Compact platform, and three kinds of test modules that supported on FTB-200 and FTB-500 platforms:
a. EXFO FTB-8115 SONET/SDH test module, supported on FTB-200 and FTB-500 platforms, optimizing capital.
b. EXFO FTB-8120NGE/8130NGE multiservice test modules, supported on FTB-200 and FTB-500 platforms, optimizing capital expenditures.
c. EXFO FTB-8510B/G 10 Gigabit Ethernet test module, supported on FTB-200 and FTB-500 platforms
For any interests or questions, welcome to contact us at sales@fs.com for more information.

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