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23dBm Ausgang 1550nm Booster EDFA Optischer Verstärker für CATV Anwendungen
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23dBm Ausgang 1550nm Booster EDFA Optischer Verstärker für CATV Anwendungen

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23dBm Output 1550nm Booster EDFA Optical Amplifier for CATV Applications

Fiberstore 1550nm booster Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) utilizes dual high performance 980nm & 1480nm pump lasers, providing 16dBm~23dBm output power with low noise figure of less than 7dB from 1540 to 1560nm. It is designed to amplify 1550nm optical analog and digital signals to increase the optical transmission distance over fiber in CATV application.

The unit is designed with heat dissipation and ventilation in mind to ensure a long operation life, packaged in a self‐contained 19” rack-mount of 1RU with universal mains power supply. It adopts the premium grade pump laser and America OFS erbium-doped optical fiber, pump laser is well protected with the complete control of APC, ACC and ATC circuitry.
The EDFA also feature RS-232 and SNMP via RJ45 for remote system monitoring and management. They offer high reliability and performance for any system integration project, and can be applicable in the group center, substation and trunk circuit.



CATV Booster Amplifier, extend analog CATV to suit long distance feeders or larger FTTH distribution systems within 1540~1560nm Output power: +23 dBm Input power: -3 ~ +10 dBmConnectors: Simplex SC/UPC, SC/APC, FC/UPC, FC/APC, LC/UPC, LC/APC , ST/UPC and ST/APC available, if you need the duplex connector, please contact at sales@fs.com Single or dual 110VAC, 220VAC, and/or -48VDC power supplyReliable 980nm and 1480nm pump laser with very lower power dissipation Microprocessor controlled power, temperature, laser current and other key parametersEasy operation and installation with LCD display on front panel, rear fiber port as default. (Frontmated fiberaccess is also available)High Precise ACC (automatic constant current) Circuit as default,if you need other circuit, please contact at sales@fs.com ATC (automatic temperature control) function19” 1RU rack enclosure RJ-45, RS-232 communication ports, with SNMP function Support Telnet for optional 3 years warranty 10 years of operation life
Analog & Digital CATV long distance transmission For video optical Transmission system & AM CATVOptical Distribution SystemFTTx systemLaboratory application
Mechanical Structure
Structure Example
The CATV EDFA from Fiberstore including 1+2+3.
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