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Mini 4E1 PDH LWL-Multiplexer Monomode Dual Faser 20KM (mit dem Dienstleitungs-Telefon)
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Mini 4E1 PDH LWL-Multiplexer Monomode Dual Faser 20KM (mit dem Dienstleitungs-Telefon)

FS P/N: PDH-4E1-Mini-P
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Mini 4E1 PDH Fiber Optical Multiplexers Singlemode Dual Fiber 20KM (with the orderwire phone)

The Mini 4E1 PDH fiber optical multiplexer is a fiber media transport for 4 x G.703 E1 transmission. The BNC model provides unbalanced 75 Ohm coaxial connections while the RJ-45 model provides balanced 120 Ohm connections over twisted pair wiring. Special mini type version model can be used anywhere where space is limited, like outdoor boxes and cabinets, high equipment density populated areas and elsewhere!

Single mode dural optical port-4 channels of E1 portsLow power consumption ISO certification Optional Power redundancy to ensure stable system Optional function of ALS and SNMP
Main Feature 
Provide 4E1 interface (120BG telephone channel) Provide function of 4E1 remote loop,fiber local loop,and 1 interface phone Optional power 1+1 to ensure stable system Two fiber two direction and single fiber two direction 1+1 power,orderwire phone and the ALS and SNMP are optinal,Please state the requirement when in order 4E1 PDH multiplexer realizes 1~4E1 transmission over fiber E1 spur track loop back testing features, easy to be installed and maintenance External dimensions: 19-inch rack (with distribution frames rack) Provide the 1+1 fiber back up Optical optional by customer 's requirement
E1 interface
4E1 interface for 4E1
E1 rate: 2.048Mb/s±50ppm
Code type: HDB3

E1 Style: Pinfet

E1 comply with ITU-T G.703
Jitter compl y with ITU-T G.823 and G.742
E 1 with DB37. Be ab le to be with 75Ω (BNC) or 120Ω (RJ45) by adaptor in the accessory
Optical rate: 16.896Mbit/s

optical style:1B1H

Default: dual fiber, single mode, 20km (40km optional)
connector: FC /SC
Receiver sensitivity:≤ -38dBm(BER ≤ 10-11)  
Power Requirements 
Power Input: AC /DC optionalAC180V~240V DC-36V~DC-72V DC+20V~DC+36VPower Consumption: <6Walt
Working Environment
Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~+50℃Storage Temperature: -40℃ ~+70 ℃


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