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Telefonleitung Tester ST230B
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Telefonleitung Tester ST230B

FS P/N: ST230B
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The telephone Line Tester ST230B is a new kind of line fault tester with safety & multi-functions capabilities. Besides the functions as a Telephone, it also has functions of high voltage protection, monitor and telecom line identifying, etc.



Main Functions
·Common Telephone: Dial, Talk, Redial, Mute, T/P switch
·Fault Testing: Insulation, Break, Grounding
·Call & Talk
·Telephone Testing
·Telecom Line Identifying (Telephone line, ISDN line, ADSL line)



Key Features
·Dumbbell shape, small size, simple operation
·Special low pass avoiding influencing communication
·Rechargeable NI-MH battery
·Dangerous voltage alarm
·High DC Voltage protection
·Against water, shake & fall


Technical Specifications

Insulation impedance test, Rang


Ring distance


Open resolution distance


High resistance monitoring, Resistance


Index and Standard


Telecom line identifying distance



Rechargeable 9V NI-MH battery






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