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Hohe Präzision LWL-Spalter FS-08C
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Hohe Präzision LWL-Spalter FS-08C

FS P/N: FS-08C
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€ 95.00
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• Precision cleaves for fusion splicing, also ideal for preparing fiber for pre-poished connectors

• Utilizes an automatic anvil drop for fewer required steps and better cleave consistency 

• Cleave Angle of 90 Degrees +- 0.5 Degrees

• Its 16-position blade provides approximately 48,000 Cleaves

• Standard 125/250um & 125/900um fibers

• Affordably Priced

Fiber optic cleaver is used to cut the fiberglass to make a good end face, and it is very important in the fiber splicing process, it works together with the fusion splicer to meet the end needs. Fiberstore supply all kinds of high precision fiber cleaver, if you need this High Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver FS-08C at a large quantity, welcome to contact us, we will provide you a special discount.

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