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200X Handheld-Mikroskop
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200X Handheld-Mikroskop

FS P/N: FS200
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Hand Held Fiber Microscope is used for inspecting fiber terminations, providing the most critical view of fiber and faces. This 200x handheld microscope produces excellent detail of scratches and contamination with its good optical performance and integrated laser safety filters. It is the clear choice for critical examination of polish quality. Light is introduced into the optical path (axis) so that it comes out the tip of the objective and strikes the sample perpendicular to the fiber end-face. It produces excellent details of scratches and contamination. For critical examination of polish quality, we strongly recommend you to use this fiber microscope.



*Housing Material: Aluminum with Silver(gray) painting
*Optical Magnification: 200x
*Power Source: 3 pieces of AAA batteries (not included)
*Light Source: White LED, rated for 100,000 hours
*Weight: 0.6 Kg
*Size: 225mm (8.76") Length x 32mm (1.25") Diameter
*Controls: Momentary on/off switch for light source, Fine Focus control wheel
*Safety Filter: Built-in IR filter
*Adapter Interface: User interchangeable adapters
*Adapter: Universal Adapter (2.5mm) Compatible with ST, FC, SC, E2000, and 2.5mm DIN
*Equipped with LED illumination and a Laser filter installed for eye protection
*Comes with a versatile adapter interface
*Provides clear bright images and smooth focus control
*Momentary push button on/off switch
*Long life, durable and reliable
*Approved by strict quality and safety standards ensures a long and trouble free life
*Approved with CE and Passes the European Standards which ensures high standard of quality


Laser Safety Attention

Do not use any our Fiber Inspection Microscopes to view active fiber signals under any circumstances. active fiber signals contain high-powered laser light, it can do much harm to the eyes. so we must avoid contracting with the laser light using direct eyes. the failure to avoid direct eyes contact with laser light can result in serious damage to the eye.

Especially , our Fiber Inspection Microscopes may magnify the laser light in active fiber signals; direct eye contact with magnified laser light should be avoided. Laser safety filters, as used in our Fiber Inspection Microscopes, are no substitute for practicing good laser safety.

If you are unfamiliar with laser safety practices, please ask the information from the distributors or seek out professional training. There are many capable trainers working in the fiber optic field who can help.


Order Information:

Soft Carrying Case
User's Manual



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Note: It is a fact that fiber end-face contamination is a major cause of network outages and downtime. In order to avoid this situation to be happened, we need not only fiber cleaning tools but also fiber inspection products which enable network technicians and other personnel to safely inspect fiber end-faces for contamination and verify the effectiveness of fiber cleaning procedures. We can provide a few different types of fiber optic inspection microscopes which cab be used to inspect the end face of a connector or cleaved fiber, and with which you can clearly see scratching, dig, dirt deposit, debris and other contamination. Welcome to contact us if you have any questions of this 200x Hand Held Fiber Inspection Microscope FS200.

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