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LWL-Polierwerkzeug-Set FS-03E
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LWL-Polierwerkzeug-Set FS-03E

FS P/N: FS-03E
€ 61.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 310.00
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The Fiber Optic Polishing Tool Kit FS-03E is a kind of kit that including many different types and models of tools that are very useful in the fiber optic installation and maintenance works, like the fiber optic polishing.
1. Fiber optic stripper CFS-2
2. KEVLAR Scissor KC-1
3. Cabide Scibe Tool TTK-174A
4. Fiber Jacket Stripper
5. Universal Conector Crimp Tool
6. 200x Deluxe fiber microscope HW200ME
7. Epoxy Application Syringe 3ml
8. 5μm Polish Film
9. 1μm Polish Film
10. 0.5μm Polish Film
11. 2.5mm Universal Polish Puck
12. Rubber Polish Pad
13. Glass Polish Plate
14. Safety Glasses
15. IPA Cleaning Wipes(PreMoistened)
16. LintFree Wipes
17. Cleaning Swabs 25pcs/bag
18. 5 Alcohol dispensing bottle with locked (This will be removed, as it is in the Express Standard prohibited list, for example DHL, fedex, etc.)
19. Water Bottle Black Marker
20. Carrying Tool Case(385×275×110mm)

Note: The contents in the kits maybe changed a little without notice as time goes on, welcome to contact us before making the order.

For the Fiber Optic Tool Kits, Fiberstore provides various types of them which are very important in the fiber optic installation and maintenance works. The tools used in the kits are thoughtfully assembled and are stored in high-quality cases, keeping them safe, neat and in proper working order. There are fiber optic splicing tools, fiber optic testing tools, fiber optic polishing tools and fiber optic cleaning tools in these tool kits. If you need or have some questions of this Fiber Optic Polishing Tool Kit FS-03E, welcome to contact us for more details.


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