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LWL-Spleiß Einzelfalser Schrumpfschlauch 1,2x40mm 100Stück/Packung
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LWL-Spleiß Einzelfalser Schrumpfschlauch 1,2x40mm 100Stück/Packung

FS P/N: FS-1240
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This products is made up of cross linked polyolefin heat-shrinkable tubes,hote melt tubes and Stainless steel needle. It is specifically designed for the protection of fiber optical closure

Product Structure

Protect connection point,improve the mechanical strength,it is most reliable way to protect the fusion. Easy to operate,reducing the risk of fiber damage during installation Transparent tube,it is easy to see the status of fiber optical closure Min.shrinks temperatuer:120℃,shrink very fast and very easy to installation Work temperature high (-55°C~100°C), widely used Sealing structure let closure have good resistance to temperature and humidity performance.
Ordering Information
Type Length of tube Hot-melt tube Steel needle
After recover Length(mm) Inside dia Length(mm) Inside dia Length(mm)
FS-1560 3.0 60 1.3 60 1.5 55
FS-1545 3.0 45 1.3 45 1.5 40
FS-1540 3.0 40 1.3 40 1.5 35
FS-1260 2.5 60 1.3 60 1.2 55
FS-1240 2.5 40 1.3 40 1.2 35
Quantity per package: 100pcs/pkg
Note: We also provide this kind of protection sleeves with 1000pcs/pkg and good price.

Fiber optic splice protection sleeves are used for optical fiber fusion protection, it can protecting and supporting the fusion splice point. Fiberstore.com now provides different sizes and materials of this kind of products. And if you can not find the fiber optic splice sleeves you need on our website, welcome to contact us, we will give you a reasonable suggestion.
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