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YOKOGAWA AQ7275 OTDR 40/38dB 1310/1550nm
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YOKOGAWA AQ7275 OTDR 40/38dB 1310/1550nm

FS P/N: AQ7275-735033
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The AQ7275 is one of the best selling OTDRs in the world. Model lineup has been expanded to a total of 9 models to choose from with a dynamic range of up to 45dB . Wavelength capability spans from 850nm (MMF) to 1650nm (SMF). An impressive 0.8m event dead zone makes this model an excellent choice for FTTH and metro, core networks.

Enhancements include a PON option allowing accurate event analysis after a 1x32 splitter with significantly reduced undershoot effects. Also unique to the industry is a built-in section of launch fiber to eliminate the need for a separate launch box.

Latest standard features includes the convenient capability to display a fiber connector inspection probe using one of the unit's standard USB I/O ports.

Wide Range of Modules Available
Enhanced support of FTTH to Metro, Core Network
High Dynamic Range (45dB)
Short Dead Zone (0.8 m)
Optional built in Dummy Fiber
Stabilized Light Source
Visible Light Source
Built-in Dummy Fiber
Optical Power Monitor
Angled-PC Connector
Meets a broad range of measurement needs from FTTH to Metro, Core network.
Family Comparison
Model  735032 735033
Wavelength *1 1310/1550±25 nm
Applicable fiber  SM (ITU-T G.652)
Distance range  500m, 1km, 2km, 5km, 10km, 20km, 50km, 100km, 200km, 300km, 400km, 512km
Pulse width *2  3ns, 10ns, 20ns, 50ns, 100ns, 200ns, 500ns, 1µs, 2µs, 5µs, 10µs, 20µs
Dynamic range (typ)  34/32 dB *4  40/38 *4
Event dead zone (typ) *3   0.75 m *5
Attenuation dead zone (typ)*3 7/8 m *6
Descriptions Standard model for installation and maintenance of FTTH Standard model for installation and maintenance of Metro and Access network
*1 Pulse width of 1 µs
*2 Pulse width setting range depends on the distance range
*3 Pulse light output power at 1625 nm and 1650nm, 15dBm or less, built-in 1310/1550nm cut filter
*4 SNR:1, pulse width: 20 µs, distance range: 200 km, sampling resolution: 8 m, measurement time: 3 minutes. When built-in dummy fi ber and angled-PC connector are used, each dynamic range
decreases by 0.5 dB. Guaranty value [dB]; 30 (735031), 34/32 (735032), 40/38 (735033), 43/41 (735034), 34/30/32 (735035), 40/38/33 (735036), 40/38/30 (735037), 40/38/36 (735038), [SM]
40/38 [GI50/125] 21.5/23 [GI62.5/125] 22.5/24 (735041)
*5 Pulse width of 3 ns, return loss of 45 dB or more at a point 1.5 dB below the peak value (not saturated). Guaranty value is 0.8m
*6 Pulse width of 10 ns and return loss of 45 dB or more at a point where the backscatter level is within ±0.5 dB of the normal value
Note: Specifi cations without any special remarks are assured at 23°C±2°C

Fiberstore is specializing in supplying fiber optic components and network equipment, and we are trying to complete this system. For the OTDR, we provide one year warranty for each domestic and foreign brand product. If you have any problems or special requirement of this YOKOGAWA AQ7275 OTDR 40/38dB 1310/1550nm, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to provide you the best service.

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