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€ 50.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 280.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Fri. Oct. 28
Es kann eine gewisse Differenz zwischen der geschätzten Zeit und der aktuellen Zeit.
Precision glue-dripping machine uses air pressure within set time to push out liquid, using a timer to control each dripping time. If the air pressure and time are well adjusted and the nozzles are properly chosen, it can easily change
Each dripping volume, it has extensive uses, and applicable liquids include non-drying adhesive, red glue, yellow glue, epoxy resin, silica gel, lubricants, screw-tightening glue, anti-soldering solvent or tin paste and so on. The full set of products is available, provided with straight-type steel pipe nozzle and sharp-type plastic needle nozzle to make full use of the machine functions.
Model: KINGSOM BH-2000&BH-2000AT
Auto Set Time For 0.01 ~ 30 Sec
Timing: Artificial sustained pedal (line painting) or Single-touch plastic tap
Minimum Note Volume Drops: 0.01 ml
Repeat Accuracy: 0.5%
Input Barometric Pressure: 0.25 ~ 7 bar (35 ~ 100 psi)
Input Barometric Pressure: 0.1 ~ 5.5 bar (1 ~ 78 psi)
Input Voltage: 220V or 110V (can select at back side)
Dimension / Weight: 235 mm x 225 mm x 633 mm / 2.2kg

We Fiberstore.com not only provide those products such as transceivers, patch cables, media converter, fiber optic connector, fiber optic tester, fiber optic cleaning stuff, fiber optic polishing stuff and so on. We also provide Glue Dispenser, which also plays an important role in the FTTX installation. If you are interested in this Glue Dispenser, welcome to contact us.
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