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Polieren Fixture/Halter für MTRJ 18 Steckverbinder (MTRJ-18 Steckverbinder Jig)
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Polieren Fixture/Halter für MTRJ 18 Steckverbinder (MTRJ-18 Steckverbinder Jig)

€ 33.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 670.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Thu. Oct. 27
Es kann eine gewisse Differenz zwischen der geschätzten Zeit und der aktuellen Zeit.
This high quality and stability 18 MTRJ/UPC connector polishing fixture is a kind of four corners pressurized polishing jig.
Adopt four corners pressurized way to polish, more stable
Can be installed 18 MTRJ/UPC connectors, high production efficiency
The adapter of connector jig can be interchanged, prolong the service life of grinding plate
Made by high quality, hardened steel S136
Really trustworthy 18 MTRJ/UPC connector polishing jig

Note: We can design many other jigs according to the customer request

Fiberstore offers this kind of 18 MTRJ/UPC connector polishing fixture at really large quantity. As an OEM manufacturer, our connector polishing jig delivered internationally from our factory directly. All of our 18 MTRJ/UPC Connector Polishing Jig are 100% tested in-house prior to shipment to guarantee that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us.
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