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Jilong KL-300T LWL-Spleißgerät
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Jilong KL-300T LWL-Spleißgerät

FS P/N: KL-300T
€ 140.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 4,400.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Thu. Dec. 8
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Jilong KL-300T Fusion Splicer is an automatic fusion splicer with core fiber alignment. The device is capable of splicing a fiber in 9 seconds and heating a splice sleeve in 30 seconds. Jilong KL-300T is characterized by an automatic splicing program selection function and automatic quality check.
5.6-inch color LCD monitor with clear digital image displaying ensures easy and comfortable operation with Jilong KL-300T. Splicing area viewing is ensured by single view and simultaneous view option for X or Y axes.
Core fiber alignment technique.
Clear fiber core displaying.
Applicable fibers: Single-mode, Multi-mode, Dispersion-shifted, Non-zero dispersion-shifted.
Splicing time: 9 seconds.
Heating time: 30 seconds.
Single view & simultaneous view of X or Y axes.
Auto splicing program selection.
Auto quality check.
5.6-inch color LCD monitor with clear digital image displaying.
Compact and lightweight.
Easy to use operation menu.
Software upgrade via USB interface.
KL-21B High Precision Fiber Cleaver included.
Package Contents
1.Jilong KL-300T Fusion Splicer (1 pc.)
2.KL-21B High Precision Fiber Cleaver (1 pc.)
3.CFS-2 fiber stripper (1 pc.)
4.Internal rechargeable Li battery (1 pc.)
5.AC adaptor (1 pc.)
6.AC power cord (1 pc.)
7.Spare electrodes (2 pcs.)
8.Cooling tray (1 pc.)
9.Cleaning tools (1 pc.)
10.Operating manual (1 pc.)
11.Carrying case with a belt (1 pc.)

Model KL-300 KL-300T KL-195 KL-280
Splicing mode Auto, Calibrate, normal, Special Auto
Fiber cleaved angle threshold set 0.1 ~ 10.0 ° , 0.1°step 0.5 - 8° , 0.5°step
Display fiber cleaved angle Available Unavailable
Display fiber offset angle Available Unavailable
Auto detect cleaved endface fault Available Unavailable
Display core offset Available Unavailable
Display clad offset Available Unavailable
Arc strength automatic adjustment Available Unavailable
Display inside temperature Available Unavailable
Display ambient temperature Available Unavailable
Display heater temperature Available Unavailable
Display air pressure Available Unavailable
Display battery voltage Available Unavailable
Sleep Available Unavailable
Auto Shut down Available Unavailable

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