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3M SMA905-SMA905 Glasfaser aus Kunststoff POF Patchkabel 2,2mm Mantel
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3M SMA905-SMA905 Glasfaser aus Kunststoff POF Patchkabel 2,2mm Mantel


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SMA connector holds stainless steel ferrule that can be held in a standard optical positioner. This significantly reduces fiber breakdown, usually the result of beam misalignment in which the laser energy is focused outside the fiber core on portions of the connector that could easily burn, causing fiber damage. An option for the fiber tip cantilevered within an SMA connector ferrule, which is bored to remove epoxy and other material from the fiber perimeter, reducing fiber breakdown. A heat sink is attached to the rear of the connector, which conducts extraneous heat away from the fiber, further reducing the possibility of breakdown.

Improve attenuation and enhance quality of transmission
Minimal transfer loss
Economical and highly reliable based on NPR’ high speed automatic assembly technologies
Low Weight
Easy Assembly and Installation
Large Diameter Core and Thin Clad

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