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FC/UPC SM/MM Fixed LWL- Dämpfungsglied, Male-Female, Stecker-Buchse, 1~30dB Optional
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FC/UPC SM/MM Fixed LWL- Dämpfungsglied, Male-Female, Stecker-Buchse, 1~30dB Optional

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FC/UPC SM/MM Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuator, Male-Female, 1~30dB Optional
Attenuators are used to control the optical power in a fiber. They are often combined with an active system component to maintain a desired optical power on a network even if the power of the input signal is changing. 

Fixed Optical Attenuators reduce the optical power within a given optical path without interfering or reducing the optical signal quality. They are used in applications where a pre-determined amount of light loss is specified.

Fiberstore offers male to female type fixed attenuators which are available in different connector types, such as LC, SC, FC, ST, MU and in different attenuation level from 1dB to 30 dB. All our attenuators are manufactured according to industry standards and are 100% fully tested.
Key Features
Standard fixed attenuation values of 1dB to 30dB Low PDL and insertion loss Precision polishing for reduced back reflection Excellent environmental & mechanical stability Good interchangeability Telcordia GR-910 & GR-1221 qualified RoHS compliant
Applications in Network
A. Power Equalization at Patch Distribution Panel or Receiver   B. Signal Attenuation to Meet Receiver's Dynamic Range
Fiberstore   Fiberstore
This application make some lines to be attenuated at the distribution or receiver panel to closely match the power in other lines, thereby, achieve power uniformity.

  A fixed attenuator can be used to prevent signals from becoming distorted, and leading to high noise in analog systems when the output power exceeds the upper limit of the receiver's dynamic range.

C. Power Matching in SONET and ATM Systems   D. CATV Distribution Networks
Fiberstore   Fiberstore
The fixed attenuators can be installed at the optical receiver or patch panel of SONET and ATM systems to equalize powers at the nodes. The distance between the host and the node varies depending on the node.

  The fixed attenuators can be used to maintain proper power levels at the splitter in a distribution node since video applications demand more attenuation tolerance specifications and stringent reflectance.

E. DWDM /CWDM Systems   F. Test & measurement
Fiberstore   Fiberstore
A fixed attenuator can be inserted at the detector or patch panel to multiplex/demultiplex narrowly spaced signals increases in DWDM systems and match output powers with the receiver's dynamic range.

  Using an attenuator with one input ports and measuring the VOUTD value can allow the user to find VOUTD_SLOPE which can be solved for a given VOUTD_OFFSET and the loss of the attenuator later.


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