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Multifunktion Netzwerk 1350M Kabel Tester PN-8108
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Multifunktion Netzwerk 1350M Kabel Tester PN-8108

FS P/N: PN-8108
€ 28.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 43.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Thu. Dec. 8
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Multifunction Network 1350M Cable Tester PN-8108
This tester is very easy to operate for prevent and solve cable installation problem. It can widely be used for a number of applications such as cable connection sequence, length, user jumper and cable connection continuity and determine any open circuit, short circuit, jumper or cross-talk interference.
Key Features
Do the cable continuity check in a nice and easy way Check wiring error in 5E, 6E, coaxial cable and telephone line Applicable for open circuit, short circuit, jumper wire, reverse connection or cross-talk interference Find the location of wiring or connection error Measure cable length and determine the distance of open circuit and short circuit Dynamically calibrate cable length and make length measurement as accurate as 97%Long battery life (standby mode for over 50 hours) Auto time delay shut offMeasure length and pair with or without far-end recognizerLocate cable and there is 8 far-end passive jacks (Only one jack is included in this auction)Far end recognizer with prompt voiceSelf checking function and auto compensate any change in battery capacity or ambient temperature
LCD : 4 x 16 characters big screen (valid visual field 61.6 x 25.2 mm) Type of Tester Cable : STP / UTP twin twisted cable, coaxial cable, telephone line Tester Port :Tester RJ45 master port (M), tester LOOPBACK RJ45 port (L), far-end recognizer RJ45 port (R). The extra BNC and RJ11 converters are used to measure and check the continuity of coaxial cable and telephone line Length Measurement of Twin Twisted Cable:Scope : 1350M (31,200 FT)Calibration accuracy : 3% (± 0.5m or ± 1.5 ft) (calibrating cable > 5 M)Shipment accuracy : 5% (± 0.5m or ± 1.5 ft) (AMP, AT&T Class 5 cable)Display : M or FTLength Calibration : User can set calibration factor by himself by a given length cable. The length of calibrating cable is more than 5MWire Sequence and Locating Cable Error : Check errors such as open circuit, short circuit, reverse connection, cross over or cross-talk interference.Locating Cable : Included 1 far-end passive test jackWorking Ambient Temperature : -10°C to 60°CUse 4 x AA batteries (Not included)
Order Information
Multi-Network Cable Tester Far-End Test Jack Instruction Manual
Package Detail

Generally speaking, a network cable tester is a device that test for different types of faults in cables like continuity, dislocation, open circuit, short circuit, cable pairing faults, or indications like shielding indication, straight cable/ cross over cable indication, etc. We Fiberstore.com provide various types of this product, from basic to complicated, and all of high quality and good price. If you need this Multifunction Network 1350M Cable Tester PN-8108 in a large quantity, we will provide you a special discount.

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