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JW4103 Optische Talk Set
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JW4103 Optische Talk Set

FS P/N: FOTS-101
€ 79.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 460.00
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JW4103 Optical Talk Set 
JW4103 Optical Talk Set is an intelligent and efficient instrument that combines in one set the functions of both a digital optical phone and a stabilized light source. It is widely used in operations of installation, optical testing, maintenance and fiber attenuation value testing in data network, CATV and Telecommunication network. The JW4103 Talk Set can carry out full-duplex communication with high quality connection and not be affected by distance.
Key Features
Full-duplex digital communication with high quality conversation connection and low background noise Together with Optical Clip-on Coupler, enables on line communications available Combining functions of both a digital optical phone call and a stabilized light source Large LCD display with backlight.
Maintenance in Telecom Maintenance CATV Test Lab of optical fibers Other Fiber Optic Measurements
Type JW4103
Wavelength(nm) 1310/1550
Emitter Type FP-LD
Transmission Distance ≤ 80km
Dynamic Range 40dB
Output Power -5~-7dBm(9/125um), CW or 2KHz, 1KHz, 270Hz Modulation
Output Stabvlity ± 0.1dB/± 0.25dB(1/8hrs) CW
Power Supply Rechargeable Battery + Power Supply Adaptor
Battery Operating Time 5 hours
Optical Connector FC/PC
Operating Temperatrue(°C) -10 ~ +60
Storage Temperatrue(°C) -25 ~ +70
Dimension(mm) 215X115X55

Note: This price is for one pair of it.

Fiber optic talk set carry full-duplex communication with high quality voice connection without being affected by distance, it is widely used in operations of fiber optic installation, testing and maintenance works. If you need this JW4103 Optical Talk Set in a large quantity, welcome to contact us. We will give you a special discount.

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