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Optischer Fehler Tester FS-300
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Optischer Fehler Tester FS-300

FS P/N: FS-300
€ 22.00 nach United States per DHL
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The FS-300 fiber ranger is a high performance fiber fault locator which can be used to detect the fiber fault location and display the exact distance on the coloured LCD. The FS-300 is designed to be palm sized, lightweight, easy carry and simple operated which can be an ideal instrument for fiber installation, detection and maintenance.
• 3-inch color LCD display large screen
• Chinese and English menu, easy to operate
• One-button testing, engineers can operate without any training
• Break point testing fast and accurate, range 0-80KM
• Four Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, continuous testing more than 5000 times
• USB communication interface
• Small, light weight, portable, easy to carry and maintenance.
▪It is used for testing fiber breakpoint and fault, fast measurement: fiber break point with 100KM.
▪It be widely used in the MAN, WAN , CATV and other communication systems installation and   maintenance 
▪ With palm design, hi-technology chip, reliable performance, accurately detects fiber fault location. 

Item / Model No.


Fiber Type

9/125 μm Single Mode


1550 ± 20nm

Emitter Type


Connector Type

FC/PC (interchangeable  SC,ST)

Pulse Width

Automatic mode10ns/20ns/40ns/80ns/160ns/320ns/640ns/1280ns/2560ns/5120ns/10240ns/20480ns

Max  output power

90 mW

Max. Measurement Range

100 Km(Reflection  event, >1dB)

Distance  Accuracy

Reflection  event

± (2 + 0.1% x Distance)

Non-Reflection event

± (100 + 0.5% x Distance)

Data Storage

260 measurements

Dead Zone

10 m (Reflection  event )

Power Supply

AC/DC adaptor &. Rechargeable Batteries* 4

Battery Life

5,000 times measurement

Operating Temp.

-10 ~ +50ºC

Storage Temp.

-20 ~ +60ºC


0 ~ 85% (non-condensing)

Communication  Port

Mini USB


400 g


190*105*55 mm

Max Event No.

13 reflective event +13 Non -reflective event

iberstore is specializing in supplying fiber optic components and network equipment, all the products are qualified because they have been 100% tested before delivery. A special discount will be provided if you need this brand new optical fault tester FS-300 at a large quantity.


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