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2M E1/Datacom Transmission-Analysator FS1200A
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2M E1/Datacom Transmission-Analysator FS1200A

FS P/N: FS1200A
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FS1200 Series 2M Transmission Analyzers is mainly used for measuring of the error rate of data communication and for the analysis of line fault and causes, and very suitable for the parameter measurement and routine maintenance testing of 2M system, N×64K communication channels.The model FS1200A is the simplest one in these three models and it has a few basic functions, and doesn't own the datacom measurement while you can find their contrast in the specification.


1. English menu, Large screen, Easy operation
2. Multitask operation (It is allowed to conduct a test while browsing previous records)
3. As many as 9 test settings and 20 groups of test results can be stored, and kept in memory in the event of power failure
4. Communication with a PC is available to allow test data storage, analysis and printing to be carried out on the PC, or directly connected to a micro printer
5. The instrument can be powered on or off at certain times for testing purpose
6. Column diagram analysis of alarms and error codes
7. Software updating online


• Service-interrupted error code testing
• Error code testing online
• Framing and non-framing signals generation and reception
• 2 Mbit/s non-framing error code performance testing
• 2 Mbit/s framing N×64kbit/s channel error code performance testing
• Performance testing of bit error, coding error, frame error, CRC error and E bit error
• Alarm testing of signal loss, AIS alarm, frame remote alarm, multiframe remote alarm, out-of-frame, and out-of-pattern synchronism
• Frequency swing testing
• Line signal level testing
• Speech channel signal level and frequency testing
• Pattern slip testing
• Straightforward signaling
• Audio frequency testing
• Loop circuit time lag testing
• Automatic protection switching time testing (APS)
• Sound monitoring
•Signaling state display, Voice channel content display, Voice channel busy indication
• Column diagram analysis of alarms and error codes
• Time sot content analysis
• Frame content analysis
• G. 821/G. 826/M. 2100 error code performance analysis
• Several kinds of error code and alarm insertion
• Three input modes (terminating, bridging and monitoring)
• Two clock options (internal and picking-up)
• RS-232 interface for printing result
• Equidirectional 64k testing
• V.24/RS232, V.35, V.36, X.21, RS-449, RS-485, EIA-530 and EIA-530A data testing


Standard Configuration





FS-1200 Series 2M Transmission Analyzers

1 set

                       Attached files


User's manual

1 pc


Software disc

1 pc

                      Attached accessories


75ΩCoaxial testing line

1 pc


BNC-L9 Testing line

2 pcs


RS232 serial line

1 pc


Special testing cable of data communication 1(V.24,RS-485,EIA-530,EIA-530A)

1 pc


Special testing cable of data communication 2 (RS-449,V.36)

1 pc


Special testing cable of data communication 3 (X.21)

1 pc


Special testing cable of data communication 4 (V.35)

1 pc


G.703 CO special testing cable (64Kb/s coaxial interface)

1 pc


Power adapter

1 pc


Data self-loop head

1 pc


Switch cable

1 pc



1 pc


Serial printing line (optional)

1 pc


Note:The E1 tester, 2M Error rate tester is designed for 2M bit error rate test, applicable to telecommunication access networks, transmission networks and the start-up, check and maintenance of optical communications systems. If you are interested in this 2M E1/Datacom Transmission Analyzer FS1200A, welcome to contact us, we also provide one year warranty for it.

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