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SmartClass E1/Datacom Tester
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SmartClass E1/Datacom Tester

FS P/N: SmartClass E1
€ 130.00 nach United States per DHL
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The JDSU SmartClass E1 is a handheld field tester for the installation and commissioning of E1 and Datacom service that offers multiple test modes for E1 and Datacom signal analysis. An economical and easy-to-use point solution, the SmartClass E1 has a Smart Auto Configuration (Auto Configure) feature and large, easy-to-read color display that make the lightweight, rugged, battery-operated tester ideal for both service provider and contractor field technicians. It also meets the needs of mobile operators in the construction of E1 backhaul infrastructure.


Performs E1/Datacom service installation and maintenance in easy-to-use, lightweight, and rugged form-factor
Significantly reduces field technician training with Smart AutoConfiguration (AutoConfig) feature
 Works with PC software-download results for report preparation
Provides additional E1 and Datacom testing with available software options
Includes Event Log and Histogram for troubleshooting
Capable of bidirectional monitoring and troubleshooting via dual E1 ports
Offers color graphical user interface (GUI) available in multiple languages
Supports G.703 Codirectional, contradirectional, and centralized interface testing


- Provides terminate, monitor, bridge, and local loopback modes
- Provides G.703-2 Mb/s testing
- Conducts 2 M (Bulk), n x 64 kb/s BERT
- Measures performance G.821, G.826, and M.2100
- Provides audio monitor (VF drop)
- Provides transmit frequency offset
- Performs VF level and frequency measurements, VF tone insert
- Measures E1 signal level measurement
- Provides ABCD/Sa monitoring
- Provides round-trip delay
- Offers alarms (defects) and errors (anomalies) insertion
- Pulse shape (optional)
- MFC-R2 (optional)

- Offers DTE emulate, DCE emulate, and monitor mode
- Interfaces with X.21, V.24 (RS-232), V.35, V.36 (RS-449), and EIA-530
- Provides round-trip delay
- Frame Relay (optional)
- Conducts G.703 Codirectional, Contradirectional, and Centralized interface testing

- Provides VT-100 terminal emulation (optional)
- Offers remote control (optional)

The packing volum of this test is very large.

The E1 tester, 2M Error rate tester is designed for 2M bit error rate test, applicable to telecommunication access networks, transmission networks and the start-up, check and maintenance of optical communications systems. If you are interested in this SmartClass E1/Datacom Tester, welcome to contact us, we also provide one year warranty for it.

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