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SunLite E1 2M Tester
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SunLite E1 2M Tester

FS P/N: SunLite E1
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Weighing a mere 0.4 kg, the SunLite E1 is the world's smallest full-featured handheld 2.048 Mbps transmission test set. The SunLite E1 simplifies 2.048 Mbps E1 testing while providing more diagnostic power than is available in many larger portable test sets. The SunLite E1 can be utilized at an exchange, multiplexer, regenerating repeater, or 2.048 Mbps terminal.
This versatile and highly portable test set identifies network problems quickly, reducing network downtime and associated costs. Plus, the SunLite E1 unit’s intuitive menu makes learning fast and easy for enhanced productivity.
Available in 75 and 120-ohm models, the powerful SunLite E1 unit performs and stores a variety of vital tests. It’s the simple, low-cost solution for 2 Mbps network testing. The SunLite E1 is ideal for field-service technicians and network/equipment engineers. Bright LED indicators provide immediate circuit status, and internal speaker/microphones provide talk and listen capabilities. Power options include charger or two AA rechargeable batteries.


2.048 Mbit/s transmit, receive, and external clock
Bit error rate testing ( ITU-T G.821)
ITU-T G.826, M.2100 analysis
Level and frequency measurements
+6 to -43 dB receiver input sensitivity
Terminated, protected monitor, high impedance modes
Drop and insert capability (N or Mx64)
Programmable Send Frame Words
CAS signaling
Histogram analysis and propagation delay
Store up to 10 test results and 10 configurations
75 and 120 models
Powered by rechargeable NimH battery pack
Highly portable pocket-size tester


Economical and affordable
Compact full-featured E1 tester
Easy to use


Ideal for field testing
Commissioning and provisioning of 2M network
Network maintenance and system integration
Equipment verification

The E1 tester, 2M Error rate tester is designed for 2M bit error rate test, applicable to telecommunication access networks, transmission networks and the start-up, check and maintenance of optical communications systems. If you are interested in this SunLite E1 2M Tester, welcome to contact us, we also provide one year warranty for it.

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