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LWL-Fusionsspleißwerkzeug-Set HW-6300N
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LWL-Fusionsspleißwerkzeug-Set HW-6300N

FS P/N: FOTK-704
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€ 300.00
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This professional tool kit is ideal for optical fiber fusion splicing.
It includes all the most frequently need tools and supplies required for cable sheath removal and fusion splicing, single mode and multimode.
1. Fiber Optic KEVLAR Scissor KC-1
2. Fiber optic stripper CFS-2
3. Fiber Jacket Stripper FS-5021
4. 7'' Lineman's Pliers 178mm
5. 6'' Bent nose Pliers 130mm
6. 6'' Needle Node Pliers 135mm
7. 8" Adjustable wrench
8. Steel Wire Rope Cutter
9. Precision Tweezer
10. Carbide fiber Scribe
11. Blow Brush
12. 100ml Bottle of Alcohol with Lock
13. 25 Cotton Swabs CS-1 (25pcs/bag)
14. Round Cable Slitter
15. Longitudinal Buffer Tube Slitter FS-45
16. 6Pcs Electronic Screwdriver Set
17. 9PCS Long Arm Hex Key Set
18. Screwdriver S/D(-)5×100mm
19. Screwdriver S/D(+)#1×100mm
20. Screwdriver S/D(-)6×100mm
21. Screwdriver S/D(+)#2×100mm
22. Utility knife
23. 3.5M Tape Measure
24. Mini-Hacksaw
25. Black Marker
26. Carrying Tool Case (430×330×135mm)

Note: The contents in the kits maybe changed a little without notice as time goes on, welcome to contact us before make the order.

For the Fiber Optic Tool Kits, Fiberstore provides various types of them which are very important in the fiber optic installation and maintenance works. The tools used in the kits are thoughtfully assembled and are stored in high-quality cases, keeping them safe, neat and in proper working order. There are fiber optic splicing tools, fiber optic testing tools, fiber optic polishing tools and fiber optic cleaning tools in these tool kits. If you need or have some questions of this Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Tool Kit HW-6300N, welcome to contact us for more details.


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