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FS703 Leistungsschwankung Generator, (S-510 Leistungsschwankung Generator)
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FS703 Leistungsschwankung Generator, (S-510 Leistungsschwankung Generator)

FS P/N: FS703
€ 410.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 3,000.00
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FS703 Power Surge Generator is mainly used for testing power cable high-resistance and arc-over fault whose grade range is 0-10kV, co-operating with cable fault tester and locating devices to test and locate faults. If the user choose the professional digital milli-ampere-meter, as for cable with grade range about 0- 6kV, the instrument can also be used to do DC & voltage resistance test and current leakage test after the fault is repaired.
The instrument is internally equipped with voltage-rise rectifying and discharging device, has complete functions, and is also convenient and safe to be wired and operated.


Technical parameters
Output voltage: 0-30kv, DC & Negative polarity, continuously tunable
Rated capacitance: 2mF
Work mode: DC/single pulse/ periodic pulse
Discharging cycle: 6s (when work mode is periodic pulse)
Impact energy: 900J (when pulse work mode is 30KV)
Discharging device: built-in
Power supply: A C& single phase 220V ±10%, frequency 50Hz±1Hz
Altitude above sea level: lower than 1000m
Temperature range: 0-40 degree
Relative humidity: no more than 70% (when temperature is 40 degree)
Main engine's weight: 40kg


Fiberstore is specializing in manufacturing optical transceivers and subsystem for fiber optical communications in Metro Networks, Access Networks, Fiber Channel, and FTTX, etc. That means, we are specializing in supplying fiber optic components and network equipment. And if you are interested in this FS703 Power Surge Generator and want to know more, welcome to contact us.

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