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Multi-function Power Supply POWER250
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Multi-function Power Supply POWER250

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POWER250 is a kind of multi-function power supply, it is fusion splicer & OTDR external power supply, field operations, emergency power and emergency lighting
POWER 250 is an excellent multi-function power, it can provide independent AC output and DC output. So it can not only be used for AC appliances (welding machines, OTDR, TV, VCD, automotive, power tools) but also for DC appliances. And at the same time, it can be as lighting, to start the vehicle when needed. This product is easy to use and have no pollution.


1.Compact, portable, easy to operate, stable and reliable performance.
2.Can be as lighting, can help a lot in night working.
3.AC 220V AC inverter output, AC adapter can be directly OTDR / welding machine power supply.
4.12-volt DC output, through DCA-01 DC power adapter to the welding machine.
5.Intelligent charge control system, overcharge protection, overload protection, over voltage protection to ensure that the charging power supply life.
6.Battery indication allows the user to keep abreast of the battery capacity.
7.Two charging (car battery charger and AC adapter charger (with fast charger)) and two power supply output to provide users with a variety of use options.
8.Suitable battery capacity (Gray: 17AH, yellow: 20Ah/12V DC.), which can support continuous welding machine to weld 150 to 200-core optical fiber, and sustain OTDR to work 12 hours or more. It really can meet the needs of the user's daily use.



Note: Fiberstore can provide both domestic and foreign products, and for this kind of fusion splicer assemblies that used in the fiber optic fusion splicing, most of them can be used together with the Foreign famous brand fusion splicer. For this Multi-function Power Supply POWER250, welcome to contact me if you have questions or needs.

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