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KMS-K Faser Kabelmantelschneider Kupfer
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KMS-K Faser Kabelmantelschneider Kupfer

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This tool has safe longitudinal slitting of plastic cable sheaths with different thickness. It is applicable either at the beginning or in the middle of the cable.
And it also has additional attachable pieces for slitting optic cables and cables with small diameter available.
Key Features
Impact resistant plastic material
Safe and simple handling
No risk of injuries
Adjustable slitting depth
Double bladed knife made from hardened special steel
Kit Contents
Cable sheath slitter
Attachable piece, grey for cables up to 25 mm
Attachable piece, yellow for fiber optic cables
L.shaped hexagon key
Operating instructions
Plastic case

Fiber Optic Cutter is really an important tool in the fiber optic splicing and some other fiber optic cable cutting applications. Fiberstore can supply a lot of high quality fiber optic tools, and for fiber optic cutter, we can provide more than 10 different type of it. Each of them has its own characteristics. If you have any questions of this KMS-K Fiber Cable Sheath Cutter Copper or need it in a large quantity, welcome to contact us, we will provide you the detailed information.


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