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LWL-Polierer (MLP-12E)
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LWL-Polierer (MLP-12E)

€ 260.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 2,400.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Sun. Oct. 30
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MLP-12E automatic fiber polishing machine was developed by taken full use of industrial microcomputer. It set motor speed, time, count in one body, which improved the stability of the engine. And the use of advanced touch buttons technology increased the waterproof performance and beautiful degree of the machine.
8 groups process programming, including: Grinding time programming
Programming, increasing number of programming time programming
LCD blue backlight shows
A: Working voltage
The machine to work AC220V voltage
B: Stepless speed
Button control functions, speed range: 10n/m ~ 100n/m.
C: Process programming
It can undertake 8 groups, including: Process programming of grinding time, several
Programming, programming adding time of programming
D: Automatic counting
Each time you press the start button, then automatically add 1 counter
E: Automatic shutdown
5 minutes without operation, automatic shutdown.
F: Sound function
When the button "BB" sound, at the end of the process, "a" BB
G: Positive &negative function
Can be positive &negative Settings
H: Memory function
All data: Speed setting, grinding process, and count are used EPROM memory, whenthe power is cut off, and the data will not is lost.
I: Buffer
Buffer to protect machines, protect polishing film.

Fiber optic polishing machine is specially designed for ferrule polishing. The optional accessories - the various connector polishing jigs - allow the fixing and polishing of the most commonly used connector types. This polishing machine owns the advanced features as slow start, adjustable speed and weight, along with changeable polishing jigs. There are square pressurized polisher and central pressurized polisher. Welcome to contact us for more details of this high quality Fiber Optic Polisher (MLP-12E).


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