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Fujikura FSM-45F Fabrik Spleißgeräte Bausätze
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Fujikura FSM-45F Fabrik Spleißgeräte Bausätze

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Today’s research and factory splicing applications require a tremendous amount of flexibility. Fujikura’s FSM-45F and FSM-45PM splicer are designed with both of these applications in mind.
The FSM-45F fusion splicer is designed to handle dissimilar fiber combinations with ease and splices various types of fibers. The FSM-45F splicer features Fujikura’s patented Sweep™ arc technology to minimize splice loss between different combinations of fibers.

Capable of splicing a variety of standard and specialty fibers for use in photonic applications
Short cleave length capability
Ultra high strength splicing capability
Consistent splicing results with a wide variety of fiber types
Compatibility with Splicer ab™ splicing management software provides great flexibility to control splicing parameters for laboratory-type splicing
Compatibility with Splice Master® splicing management software enables smooth transition from development to production
USB PC interface


Applicable Fiber Types

Standard Telecommunications fibers including SM,MM,DS, NZ-DSF, more than 50 Types of PM Fibers, Rare earth doped fibers including Er, Yb, etc.

Cleave Length

8-10mm with bare fiber clamping; 3-5mm with coating clamping

Applicable coating types

Standard fiber holders compatible with 165μm, 250μm, 400μm, 600μm, 900μm, 900μm Loose buffer tube. Other holders available for alternative fiber diameters.

High Tensile Strength Splicing Performance

Typical 2.5 Gpa (30N) with coating clamping

Viewing Method

5” TFT color LCD monitor with 350X, 270X, 175X, or 135X magnification, external RCA jack for NTSC video signal

Power Supply

AC100-240V (50/60Hz) with ADC-10 adapter

Dimensions (FSM-45F)

311mm (W) x 218mm (D) x 133mm (H)


5.7kg (FSM-45F)

Standard Package for FSM-45F Kits

The FSM-45F fusion splicer comes with FH-40/45-250 fiber holders (pair), FH-40/45-400 fiber holders (pair), FH-40/45-900 fiber holders (pair), Clamp-45-125 (pair), Clamp-45-250 (pair), Clamp-45-400 (pair), Clamp-45-900 (pair), Clamp-45-80/400 (pair), spare electrodes (pair), ADC-10 AC adapter/battery charger, AC cord, operation manual, and transit case. Each kit includes a HJS-02 Hot Jacket Stripper, CT-32 Cleaver, SPA-HJS-030 Spacer for HJS-02, and an AC adapter for HJS-02 in addition to all the items listed above.


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