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VF-77 Hohe Präzision Faser-Spalter
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VF-77 Hohe Präzision Faser-Spalter

FS P/N: VF-77
€ 22.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 420.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Wed. Dec. 7
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VF-77 High Precision Cleaver is an instrument for high precision fiber cutting. It is compact, light and
ideal for both 250 μm fiber and 900 μm coated fibers. It is also suitable and easily adaptable for ribbon fiber cleaving (2-12 counts). The blade provides over 48 000 cleaves by easy and simple blade position selection. Additionally, it has an automatic collector for fiber shards and off-cuts.
Ergonomic design, quick and simple to use
Excellent CLEAVE ANGLE performance
Low maintenance costs.
Fiber Type: Single core or for 2-12 ribbon fibres
Cladding Diameter: 125 μm
Coating Diameter: Single fiber 250 μm/900 μm, Ribbon fiber (0.3-0.4 mm)
Cleave Length: Single fiber: fixed length 10 mm and 16 mm, 3-20 mm adjustable/variable; Ribbon fiber: fixed 10 mm
Cleave Angle: 0.5°
Size: 62W × 108D × 48H (mm)
Weight: 300 g
Life of Blade: 48 000 fiber cleaves
Technical Specifications:
Dimension  62W x 108D x 48H (mm)
Weight  300 g
Type  0.25-0.9 mm (Single fiber)
Fiber diameter  0.125 mm
Length  6-20 mm (Single fiber)
Cleave angle  0.5 Degrees with single fiber
Life of blade  Total 48 000 cleaves (1 000 fiber for 1 step x total 16 steps x 3 heights)
Operation steps  3
Reclaim function  Blade pushback

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