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Multimedia Modular Panel: Mix and Match Fiber and Copper

  2   3855 By Fiberstore20.11.2015

Although it is a general awareness that fiber does offer distinct benefits over copper, copper cabling still holds a solid position in data center. Sometimes we have to integrate fiber and copper to take advantage of both solutions. Then how to make this process simple and cost-efficient? All you need is this multimedia modular panel.

multimedia modular panel

Multimedia Modular Panel Unveil

The multimedia modular panel allows copper outlets to be mixed in the same rack mount space as fiber modules, offering exceptional versatility and robustness to your system. It accommodates up to six different keystone jacks and adapters, suited for Cat6a/6/5e/5 Ethernet cables and LC/SC/MTP fiber patch cables.

multimedia modular panel advantage

Making High Density Cabling Possible

With flexible and modular design, multimedia modular panel enables optimum use of rack space. It can be installed quickly into the front of FS FHD rack/wall mount fiber enclosure. Together with our horizontal cable manager, it makes your rack neat and fresh when deploying fiber and copper aggregated link.

use of multimedia modular panel

FS multimedia modular panel has the flexibility, modularity you need. It offers multiple media-type connections in one panel and simplifies cable management, allowing for easy snap-in mounting of keystone modules and adapters.