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FS PoE Switches Solution

  8   4134 By Fiberstore31.10.2015

PoE (Power over Ethernet) solutions can simplify network deployment in remote areas without power outlets. Here shows an example of using PoE switches to deploy IP surveillance, wireless APs and IP phones in the business network through Ethernet cables.

PoE switch solution

Why PoE?

PoE switch transmits both power and data through a single Ethernet cable at the same time. It dramatically simplifies the process of installing APs, IP cameras, IP phones and other PoE enabled devices in hard-to-reach, outdoor, and remote areas. Without PoE, you have to make a choice between running a power cable to the area where you want to deploy a network device or deploying network devices based on where existing power outlets are available.

PoE switches working principle

PoE Switches From FS

FS provides fully managed PoE Gigabit switches, which delivers robust performance and intelligent switching for growing networks. Reliable & economical, our PoE switches are ideal for SME networks and can expand your network much more easily than ever.

FS PoE switches Solution

Model Comparison

Available with 8, 24 or 48 PoE Gigabit Ethernet ports, the model details of FS’s PoE switches are listed below. Among them, the PS130-8 and PS400-24 are PoE switches, while PS650-48, PS250-8 and PS650-24 are PoE+ switches.

FS PoE switches specification