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40G/100G Open Switches

  49   4862 By Fiberstore29.04.2016

The choice between traditional switches and white box switches is becoming an important step in data center networks building. Then what’s the difference between them?

40g 100g white box switches 1

Spine-leaf Data Center Network Topology

FS 40G/100G data center open switches offer high performance, increased availability, low latency and better serviceability for next generation data centers and enterprise networks in different applications. And they also support spine-leaf network topology that leverage commoditized hardware for the best price/performance. Here is a simple leaf-spine network topology using FS 40G/100G switches to illustrate its applications.

100g switches

Model Comparison

Spine and leaf network topology is the production of today’s data centers evolvement. FS 40G/100G data center switches can fully meet various requirements for different size data center applications.

fs 40G/100G white box switches

Here is the detailed information about the ports on FS 40G/100G spine and leaf switches.

fs 100g switches

Spine Switch: S8050-20Q4C

FS 40G switches

Leaf Switch: S5850-32S2Q

fs 40g switches 1

Leaf Switch: S5850-48S6Q

fs 100g switches 1

Leaf Switch: S5850-48S2Q4C

fs 10G switches

Management Switch: S5800-48F4S