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Change Polarity in a Hurry? Try Polarity Switchable LC Cable!

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Tag:Data Center Solution

Ensuring right polarity is fundamental to the data transmission of any network, especially in high-speed and high-density cabling environment. Changing cable polarity can be troublesome and time-consuming, however, polarity switchable LC cable makes this laborious task a piece of cake, assuring easier and quicker polarity reversal and more efficient cable management.


What Makes Polarity Switchable LC Cable Special?

Polarity switchable LC cable emerges as an ideal alternative to manage more cables in compact yet precious data center space. With uniboot design, it greatly reduces cable congestion in racks and cabinets, enables quick and easy polarity changes in the field and allows better visibility of equipment and improved airflow.


FS Gives the Value for Cost

Polarity switchable LC cable is perfect and extremely flexible for high-density applications where the cable footprint is critical. FS offers single-mode and multimode polarity switchable LC cables, and the length can be customized. All these cables can be used equally on traditional LC adapter panels, and on optical modules with LC interfaces.

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