Application for CWDM Technology in the Metropolitan Area Network

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Metropolitan area transport network is the network covers the city and its suburbs, provides integrated transmission platform for metropolitan area, which is applied to large and medium-sized cities,to realize voice, data, images, multimedia, IP access.

Metropolitan area transport network is complicated, supports various types of business, including traditional TDM voice business, IP data service and video business and so on and so forth.

When it comes to Metropolitan area transport network, naturally we will think of DWDM technology.

DWDM is a kind of WDM technology, with its large capacity, rate and protocol transparency and business advantages, it has commanded the internet for a long time. However, the cost of DWDM has restricted its wide application greatly in the metropolitan area network. Emerging in recent years there are CWDMs, they took the advantage of system costs, performance and maintainability, etc, and becoming a growing metropolitan area network and access network in the future market of the mainstream technology.

In not very particularly large, data business development is not so fast cities, CWDM is in good value. CWDM technology is to response to the demands of the metropolitan area network construction.

The characteristics and advantages of CWDM

Characteristics of CWDM: Compare with DWDM, CWDM technology has wider wavelength intervals, ranges from 1270nm to 1610nm. There are 18 wavelengths, wavelength interval is 20nm, which has covered five bands of single mode optical fiber cable system, they are O, E, S, C, L bands.

Generally speaking, CWDM technology does not use optical amplifier. With wide wavelength interval, it can be used without refrigeration laser and broadband filter and small source wavelength division multiplexer.

Advantages of CWDM: CWDM technology can reduce the construction cost for metropolitan area network significantly. CWDM system, moreover, it’s smaller, more compact, lower power consumption, higher reliability, so the operation maintenance cost reduced greatly.

CWDM also supports many interfaces and WDM network, provides SDH interface to realize IP/Ethernet over SDH, ATM over SDH. By using OTU and OADM, CWDM interconnect with the standard wavelengths in the WDM system.

CWDM, moreover, can be compatible in metropolitan area network has been widely used in SDH system of 1310nm, on which the DWDM ring network system couldn’t do it, neither.

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